CASE STUDY: 37% Open Rate After KLEAN13

This client was unable to get into the inbox at YAHOO! and a number of Cable providers before scrubbing their lists with KLEAN13. Check the Before & After images to see the difference in delivery.



  • After using KLEAN13 our client was able to increase their Inbox placement at YAHOO by 94.1% with a total of 97,498 YAHOO subscribers.
  • This means that 91,745 subscribers that were not receiving this client’s emails began receiving them the very next week!
  • Getting back in the YAHOO inbox produced a 20% increase in inbox delivery
  • In that same time we were able to get off 4 major 3rd party anti spam blocklists.
  • And back in the inbox at 6 major Cable companies.
  • Overall the client saw a 32% lift in inbox delivery!

All with just one list scrub in only a week’s time…

What Would It Mean To You In Profits To Have 32% MORE Emails Hitting The Inbox?

Or, even better, think about the 94.1% increase above in Yahoo Inboxing… which is a pretty typical result…

Before Klean13 he was only getting 5.9% of the list into the inbox.

After Klean13 he was getting 100% of the list into the Inbox!

That’s Like Growing Your List From 5,753 Subscribers To 97,498 Subscribers In A Week!


Let’s say you were sending a $47 offer to the Yahoo list.

Let’s say it converted at a meager 1%.

If you grew your inbox rate from 5,753 subscribers to 97,498 subscribers seeing your offer, it could look like this:

Would You Rather Have 57 Sales or 974 Sales? Would You Rather Bank $2,679 or $45,778?

FACT: If You Continued to Mail Your Dirty List You’d Easily Be Leaving Up to $43,099 (or More) on the Table… Every. Single. Week.