What Our List Hygiene Clients Think of KLEAN13

Our valued clients come from many different industries and parts of the world.
The one thing they have in common is that they derive a LARGE part of their income from email marketing.

So it is critical to have access to the tools that help them maximize their email deliverability and improve their ROI.
KLEAN13 is the tool of choice for these clients and we appreciate each and every one of them.

  • KLEAN13 Goes Way Beyond The Other Cleaning Services That Are Out There

  • I Trust KLEAN13 to Keep My Lists Clean

    Whether in the middle of a launch, or just regular day to day email marketing, it is CRITICAL to the success of your business to keep your email list clean to avoid possible blocking, blacklisting and penalties from mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and others.
    I trust this valuable job to Klean13.
    Ryan Levesque
  • KLEAN13 Takes Care of all the Tech Stuff & Let's Us Focus On What We Love

    Brandon & Kaelin Poulin
  • Thank You Klean13...You Saved Our Email Business!

    I've been a large volume mailer for over a decade. THE BIGGEST problem we've had with delivery is keeping our lists clean from spam traps and all the other "gotchas" in list hygiene. I've tested every list cleaning solution I could find. Every service I found left me without a real long term, infinitely-scalable solution. Klean13 has changed the game. It's a real solution that just works. It made my lists A LOT smaller than my ego wanted, but at least I know the lists I have now are clean and not an anchor on our inboxing. Thank you Klean13 for all you do. You saved our email business!
    Matt Trainer
  • KLEAN13 is my List Scrubbing Solution of Choice

    Adrian Savage
  • KLEAN13 Saved Us From Getting Kicked Off Of Our Email Service Provider

    Trey Lewellen
    Kommerce Kings Podcast
  • Klean13 finds all the things that other services don't...

    Klean13 has been the 'secret' list validation service I've used for my clients for years. It's amazing the things Klean13 finds things that other services don't. Whether it's an old list or a new list, Klean13 consistently highlights issues that need attention to get the best return.  
    Neil Kristianson
  • Email deliverability is absolutely critical.

    If your clients aren't getting your emails, what's the point? I've tried every single scrubbing solution in the industry and there is only ONE that I trust my clients lists to — that's  Klean13. I've sent dozens of my top paying clients to KLEAN13 over the past year with extraordinary results. Simple, professional and efficient — you've got a customer for life here!

    Troy A. Broussard

    Author, Infusionsoft Mastery
    Co-Founder, MyFusion Helper
  • KLEAN13 gave me a substantial Bounce Rate reduction and a 87% Open Rate improvement!

    I just wanted to post some results I've had and give a testimonial to the cleaning platform KLEAN13 I had used emaillistverify.com and zerobounce.com previous to this to do my cleaning. ZeroBounce was great, EmailListVerify only ok but recently I ran a test with Klean13 and had even better results: A substantial Bounce Rate reduction and an 87% Open Rate improvement!
    Cory Schop

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