Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

On KLEAN13 & Email List Hygiene

Frequently asked questions and answers about KLEAN13

1What if I already cleaned my list?
Unless you have KLEANED your list, you havent really cleaned it fully. And while we are very proud of the fact that KLEAN13 identifies and removes more threats than any other service, it's always a good idea to constantly run hygiene against your list. You constantly add new blood to your list right? Well, the very best email list managers on earth are constantly putting their lists under a microscope to keep them squeaky clean and improve their delivery. As demonstrated above, even the smallest improvements can put more money in your pocket.
2 What if Klean13 finds no poisons on my list?
Even the cleanest lists have issues. In 22 years of being in the email marketing business we have yet to come across a list that does not need KLEANING. At the very least, KLEAN13 will remove undeliverable emails from your list which will improve your delivery and your sender reputation.
3How often should I klean my list?
The most successful email marketers re-clean all their lists monthly. Why? As we said above, emails are abandoned, new traps are listed (usually from expired domains) and new emails get added. So clean your lists monthly at best, and if that's not possible you should clean your list every 90 days at worst.
4 Will my email service provider let me upload my list after it is cleaned?
Of course. Especially if you tell them what you have done. Email service providers WANT responsible email marketers using their system so they will be only too happy to work with people who are using a responsible list hygiene service like KLEAN13.
5Why are there multiple files after kleaning?
Unlike other services, we give you multiple output options so you can maximize your kleaning efforts. You can download the all-inclusive list, OR you can download based on list poison: Catch-All, Undeliverable, Role, Malformed, SpamTrap, Complainer, and 4 other categories of list poisons.
6 What if I have another question?
Feel free to contact us at support@klean13[dot]com anytime or use the support desk within our members area. We answer support requests Monday-Friday 9am to 9pm Eastern and are here to help in any way we can (except sorry we cannot help with family or relationship problems, there are others better suited to that).
7How is Klean13 different than other list cleaning services?
Some cleaning services focus only on determining whether the emails on your list are valid or invalid, some focus only on catching spamtraps and other bad threats. KLEAN13 catches everything: invalids, spamtraps, bots, role accounts and much more including dormant accounts - the ultimate key to deliverability at the biggest email receivers. No other service does that.

Sean Donahoe KLEAN13 Goes Way Beyond The Other Cleaning Services That Are Out There