How Can KLEAN13's Deep List Hygiene
Improve Your Email Marketing?

Hard bounces are email addresses that have been returned to the sender (most likely you or your ESP) because the recipient’s address is invalid or doesn’t exist.

Hard bounces should never be mailed.

They will do serious damage to your reputation as a respected email marketer.

KLEAN13 identifies hard bounces from your list so you can remove them. This one step alone will do wonders for your deliverability.

Spam Traps are email addresses created for the purpose of catching people who send unsolicited emails. They NEVER optin to receive emails and they are almost always added through using 3rd party rented or purchased lists.

Mailing Spam Traps immediately indicates that you are using 3rd party lists and pretty much drives your delivery into the toilet.

Bots are robots that are added to your list by malicious entities simply to waste your time. They artificially inflate your Click #s and provide you no value.

They upset advertisers and list partners, drive down your PPC & ECPM and will NEVER become a lead or buyer. They are just taking up valuable space that could be filled with high quality prospects. 

KLEAN13 identifies these poisons and helps you
drain them from your lists immediately!

The biggest stumbling block to growing your list(s) and maintaining excellent delivery is having invalid emails on your list.

Seamlessly drop our KLEAN13 verification API right into your email signup process and:

  • STOP fake accounts and invalid emails from getting onto your lists
  • End Funnel Leakage by alerting your signups to typos so they can correct their emails.

The key to marketing is to match your message to your market as best as possible. 
Email appending helps you zero in on your target marketing by helping you fill in the blanks on your list members.  

Imagine if you have a list of customers but only have their emails and not their address and postal code. With KLEAN13 email appending, you will be able to match (for example) addresses of subscribers to their email.

Email appending helps you to segment your data more efficiently, which will help you zero in your targeted offers to the users most receptive and most likely to convert, increasing your ROI and adding more to your bottom line.

Use Our Powerful API For Bulk List Kleaning and/or Single Email Verification

Using our robust HTTP API you can now upload your bulk lists and receive your results in minutes (depends on list size) without ever logging into your KLEAN13 account.

Our Real-Time Email Verification seamlessly integrates with your website or lead management platform. Verify single emails via our API and then use our built in alert & correct system to tell your prospects their email is incorrect and stop leaking REAL prospects from your marketing funnels!

The KLEAN13 API can integrate into your:

  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Newsletter Signup Forms
  • Mobile Apps
  • CRM’s and CMS’s
  • …and much more!

What Can List Hygiene Do For Your Email Marketing?

More Consistent Delivery

The major Mailbox Providers, e.g. Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL etc have invested a LOT of money into their email infrastructure. They have ZERO incentive to deliver your emails to their users. All they care about is providing their users a great user experience. If you have garbage on your list, your delivery will suffer. Remove the garbage from your list and you will be rewarded with better delivery and for the simple reason that you are working with the mailbox providers and not against them.

Higher Email Engagement

Let’s just go ahead and say it: by removing undeliverable and questionable emails from your lists, you have a smaller list. Some list owners don’t like that because they truly believe that List Size matters. But what matters to the people who control the mailboxes of your list members is how many of them are actually opening and clicking on your emails (commonly called engagement).

The more VALID people on your list, the higher engagement you will have, the higher engagement you have, the better your reputation in the eyes of large mailbox providers.

Here is a simple equation to help you understand this:
KLEAN list = higher engagement = better delivery = more money.

Increased Inbox Placement

The best copy in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t get your emails in the inbox. And, if your list is ripe with gmail addresses (like many are), ending up in the promotions tab can be the kiss of death – a close second only to the dreaded junk folder.

While there is more to Inbox placement than list hygiene, the big providers (including Gmail) place a lot of importance on how clean your list is. Otherwise you are wasting their resources, which costs them money. No business wants to lose money so in order to counter that they will simply decrease the priority of emails from senders who don’t care about list hygiene which means the Spam folder or worse yet – never even getting delivered.

Better Online Reputation

Did your mother ever warn you about getting a “bad reputation”? She probably said something like: “once you get a bad rep, its very hard to repair it”. The same holds true with your sender reputation. Sending emails to non-existent or junk emails helps to brand you with a bad sender reputation. Remove those bad emails and you start to repair your reputation. Eventually you can be on par with the same folks who have had a great email rep from day one.

Easier than fixing your rep after that questionable prom night eh?

Increased Conversion Rates

KLEAN13 gets rid of bots and fake leads on your list. Advertisers HATE fake emails and bots. They often refuse to pay you for clicks, leads and even sales if they suspect you are sending bots to their offers. It throws off their numbers. Numbers are EVERYTHING to a marketer. By sending them only KLEAN leads, they will reward you with not only better conversion rates but oftentimes bumped up commissions as well.